Porgie and Mr Jones in Hawthorn

Porgie and Mr Jones has been on my “to visit” list for a while for two reasons – a) it’s in the entertainment book and b) I heard they had a fantastic banana bread.  My friend who lives in Prahran was free for brunch and so we both made the trip to Hawthorn to try out this well known cafe.  I actually didn’t realise this restaurant is closely related to Snow Pony (and yes, I have tried the banana bread there and looking at urbanspoon photos, it looks exactly the same) at the time.  Indeed the “McPony” muffin I had is renamed the “McPorgie”…

It was relatively busy for a weekend – there was a queue and we all milled outside while waiting a table (rather limited space inside).

Funnily enough even though we planned for a brunch we both opted for more heartier options from their lunch menu: the roast lamb shoulder with roasted eggplant and feta and the duck confit salad.

The lamb shoulder was wonderful – soft and succulent and easily eaten with a fork.  It reminded me of a dish I enjoyed immensely at Albert Street Food and Wine – I can see why Porgie and Mr Jones also offers a dinner service.

The duck confit was a good contrast to the lamb shoulder which might have been a bit too heavy for lunch.

Our drinks weren’t anything to rave about – I think I can’t go back to anything but Prana Chai for now… (my friend swears by Calmer Sutra Chai but I haven’t been able to get my hands on some just yet).  I was quite happy when I found some for sale at Collective Espresso in Camberwell.

Overall a fantastic meal.  We did have a seat by the window meaning our view was of the growing crowd outside waiting for our table but we found the service to be prompt, courteous and most importantly, we enjoyed their food.  Do remember to bring cash as they don’t accept credit cards (how very odd).


Porgie and Mr Jones

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