Shaanxi Style Chinese Restaurant in Box Hill

I really hope I get to try more stuff from Shaanxi Style Restaurant – it seems like a hidden gem considering I had no idea which restaurant mum was talking about when she said she got take away from “one of the restaurants on Maroondah Highway”.  There’s just too many!

Anyway, I had the beef and seafood rice noodles ($9.90).  Fantastically light flavoured with tender beef that reminded me of corned beef. Love the use of fungus shredded into noodles like this because it gives it that crunch on occasion.  Reminds me of ramen in Tokyo where I insisted on ordering additional wood fungus.

Must try again – apparently Shaanxi cuisine is similar to xin jian which is a personal favourite.  Also hopefully next time it won’t be take away and I’ll be armed with a better camera!

Update 9 March 2014:

So I did end up going to Shaanxi shortly after trying take away – a shame I still only had my mobile phone to take photos. We tried their tea eggs too – I must admit I have to look into what Shaanxi style cooking really is, eating here has made me only more confused.

Pan fried chive dumplings – these wrapped morsels are always a hit – might be slightly oily for some.

Their dumplings were fantastic – slippery wrappers enclosing tender meat.

We also tried their pork mince tomato noodle soup – light and tangy, it reminded me of soups I’ve made myself at home.  (I quite like my own cooking so I quite liked this dish)

It took a lot of self restraint to not order that beef and seafood noodle again! I think next time I’ll cave.

Shaanxi Restaurant

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Shaanxi Restaurant -37.817771, 145.123314

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