Shiranui in Glen Waverley – dinner experience

I always love going to Shiranui – as much as I love going there for lunch, the real star of Shiranui is of course, their sushi.  I’ve been told that I haven’t tried all that Shiranui has to offer until I try the omakase while sitting at the bar.  It’s only a matter of time.  I hear they serve an oyster sushi – again, only a matter of time before my curiosity caves in!

I only went around two weeks ago but I guess I’ll reflect on all the times I’ve been there to date – my favourite dishes there include:

  • Unagi onigiri – box style eel sushi

  • Pan seared salmon onigiri – the chefs sear the salmon lightly before it is pressed to form onigiri. The waiters always tell us not to use soy sauce as it is already salty enough and they are right.

  • Tuna onigiri – lightly seared tuna which is then sliced and made into onigiri.  Impressive visually and when eaten, creates the feeling of just melting in your mouth.

  • Beef onigiri – I think they use a blow torch to make this one – the same slices as the beef used in tataki probably and then topped with spring onions.  Again, no soy sauce required.  Come to think of it, I haven’t ever tried beef onigiri anywhere else – it’s not that common!

  • Beef tataki salad – a new favourite – I tried this for the first time two weeks ago and loved it – it has a light and tangy salad dressing and stunning presentation too.  I think I have seen it on their lunch menu and can’t wait to have this again – you can choose between beef and tuna for the tataki too.

  • Gyoza – deep fried wedge shaped parcels with a crunchy outer shell.
  • Grilled kingfish head – beautifully grilled with a salt crust, it’s served simply with lemon and some grated daikon.  A wonderful dish and very reasonably priced.

  • Tempura – yes, Shiranui does not disappoint with the crowd favourites.  Fantastic tempura. Shame I can’t find a photo.
  • Nasu dengaku – Last time we tried their nasu dengaku (grilled eggplant) – it came topped two miso sauce flavours.  It didn’t disappoint with a very gooey interior.

  • Agedashi tofu – I have some friends who order this everywhere – I think I’ve found the one I like most at Shiranui.  A beautifully balanced sauce and soft cushiony parcels of tofu.
  • California roll – I remember liking this dish a lot (also it’s quite cheap) but the last time I ordered it, it looked markedly different – the first picture is from last year and the second one is from July:) No more tobiko? T_T


For dinner they do not have many rice dishes – I think they still have unagi rice but it is served with a soupy broth in the bowl which wasn’t quite what I had in mind when ordering it.

Desserts wise, their menu changes quite a bit – I remember their cheesecake slices were very nice.  For creme brulee there was a choice between green tea and black sesame.  This is served with again Asian flavoured ice cream such as black sesame.  A fantastic finish to the meal.


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