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I can’t tell you how happy I am to have discovered Shyun in Carnegie.  Not pricey and fantastic, fresh Japanese food.  They accept bookings too but it seems they reserve some tables for booking customers and others for the casual walk ins.

Their ordering system was certainly interesting – I haven’t seen this much in the suburbs with an ipad menu and ordering system.

So sushi first – we tried their house special – prawn rolls wrapped with sashimi and garnished with green tobiko and mayonnaise.  A fantastic combination and a very generous serving of 8 pieces for $13.  Next time I’ll definitely want to try their soft shell crab one or spicy tuna…

We don’t often get appetisers when going out for lunch but I overheard the next table raving about the creamy crab soy milk croquettes – they were quite right. They’re fantastic – light, crunchy and served with a small salad at $6.50 for 2.

Teriyaki tofu ($3!) was quite impressive – we finally deviated from ordering agedashi tofu everywhere.   Glad we did.  I quite like the balance of their teriyaki sauce – I can see why they also serve teriyaki chicken and fish for $3.  The perfect nibbling dishes to accompany sake (another time…:))

Lastly we had the una tama don – a cross between una don and oyako don with grilled eel and egg on rice.  I really missed this kind of food so easily found on the streets of Japan.  My mum would have been wanting to order their unadon (the purist).


Note that as we went for lunch, the prices are slightly cheaper than dinner – I reckon it’s still worth it and with dinner we’d be able to try more dishes! In fact, we’re hoping to go there this week…


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