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Yes – this year Steer Bar and Grill has been our birthday celebration restaurant. We went back for the pre theatre dinner meal – for $39 you get a choice between three steaks, a glass of wine and a choice of a side. It’s called “pre theatre” because you need to eat between 6:00 and 7:30pm. Tonight there was a choice between John Dee Black Angus scotch fillet, porterhouse and ?a cut near the rump (apparently a leaner cut). Each steak comes with a small salad and a baked crusted marrow.

Steer bar and grill: bone marrow

Steer bar and grill: porterhouse steak


For the sides, we really couldn’t pass up those big fat cut steak chips we had previously at lunch so we had two of those, the baked mushrooms and onion rings. The onion rings were fantastic and created quite an impressive display at the table – the only down side of this display was the last ring down the bottom had a lot more oil at the end of the meal! The baked mushrooms looked a lot better until I unwrapped them – luckily they tasted great. Really thick juicy pieces which made a great side to the steaks.

The steaks came out fantastic again – I guess it really depends on what cut of meat you like to begin with – we all seemed to like what we ordered which was good. I loved hte choice of condiments – don’t be shy when asking to try a few of them – the Bearnaise sauce, the onion jam and the horse radish were our favourites.

Again a very enjoyable meal. Given our row of four tables all left at around the same time, the pre theatre meal is clearly known to quite a few people! Shame that 1.5 hours really doesn’t leave much time for dessert… Yet another visit perhaps? I’ve been told the warm salmon gravlax and the crispy crab roll are fantastic.


Steer Bar & Grill

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