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I love how restaurants offer lunch menus – it gives us a chance to have a great meal for cheaper when we have those odd days off. Having tried Steer Bar and Grill once before for dinner using the Entertainment Book Gold Card, I was keen to try out their steak again – this time a little more cooked than medium rare (we had wagyu and it was a bit too rich like this).

The lunch deal at Steer Bar and Grill was definitely worth while – for $29 you get a choice between 3 steaks, chips, salad and a drink. When we got there we were pleasantly surprised by the option of having an appetiser for $10. We couldn’t help but order the poached scallops. They were excellent – poached just enough to melt away and accompanied by a lovely herb infusion. Definitely a keeper.

Poached Scallops

Poached Scallops

Now to the mains – we ordered the Darling Downs Rib Eye and the John Dee Scotch Fillet. Both were ordered medium – you get a choice between quite a lot of condiments with eggplant relish, corn relish, mustards etc. We liked the scotch more – probably because it was more fatty and softer. Both steaks were cooked exceptionally well and who wouldn’t like thick cut chips like these. The salad was also fantastic. It’s a shame we didn’t have much time with our one hour car parking spot to think about dessert – last time we had dinner here the desserts were great too but of course there’s a lot to choose from around South Yarra.

John Dee Scotch Fillet

John Dee Scotch Fillet

Overall a fantastic and well spent $29 lunch deal. Planning a dinner to celebrate another birthday there shortly!
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