Steer Bar and Grill Dinner at a new location and Moooving discount

You know you’re onto something when the place is full.  Steer Bar and Grill has always had the luxury of ample tables and I guess it’s not too surprising they are downsizing – they’re still in the same area but indeed it is a harder restaurant to spot.  No wonder they’re offering a wonderful deal of $50 off (only for the next few weeks)  when you print out the voucher available on Dimmi’s.

They also have a new menu with steak frites for only $49. Keep in mind the frites aren’t those chunky chips you get when you order it as a side (we greatly prefer these!).  On the plus side, the salad serving is indeed generous as you can see.  There’s also a choice of sauces (mushroom, red wine, cafe de paris which we realised was just butter).

We didn’t get the whole platter of condiments with the steak frites which was slightly disappointing.  The steak was great but the atmosphere was a bit lacking.  It was a bit rushed because of all the diners and the new venue being rather tight on space. In fact, we saw the waiters trying their best to deal with diners not happy with being seated at the counter and trying to shuffle around customers who had come early for their reservations etc.  For our table, our onion rings came lagging behind all our other dishes but to their credit they took it off the bill themselves without much complaint from us.

We tried their mushroom ravioli which was accompanied by fried enoki and oyster mushrooms.  I found the sauce a bit salty but apart from that it was great.

Overall it’s a great deal with the $50 off! I’m sure the atmosphere will be better when it isn’t so over-booked with the MOOOving campaign. That said, it’s still in the entertainment book and the I hope they still have their pre-theatre menu…. Otherwise, their lunch now is $10 more expensive than when I first went a few years back… It used to be a steal at $29 for steak, chips, salad and a drink!


Steer Bar & Grill

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