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The Sunny Cafe caught my eye because of their really happy storefront sporting a really smiley sun saying “Good Morning”.  We went to try because there really aren’t that many Taiwanese restaurants around the south/south eastern suburbs and after we had tried the Taipei Delight in Glen Waverley, we wanted to compare!

So to compare, we ordered pretty much the same thing – beef noodle soup.  Their soup base was quite nice and this would have been very welcome on a cold wintery day.  The meat, though generous in portion, wasn’t quite as soft as that which we tried at Taipei Delight.

Next we had the fried pork buns.  These were fantastic.  The bun was thin and the meat inside was rather juicy – my mum was initially rather worried because the piece of meat inside was quite large and no one likes eating a rock hard ball of mince.  Luckily there were heaps of vegetables chopped up finely to lighten the filling.

We finished off with some of their soy milk – I make my own soy milk at home so it was quite similar except they sieve theirs more finely while at home I find if I’m having it with cereal anyway I don’t mind the pulpy texture.  I hear some other customers come here for breakfast and with this bowl of piping hot soy milk and one of those deep fried Chinese donuts, I think I’d come here too…

The day we went was actually the day of the Autumn festival so we bought a mooncake and a durian cake to take away.  I’m always surprised by the prices in Springvale.  The baked goods were as cheap as $1.70 for a small cake (the durian one was slightly more expensive).

Of course, for Autumn festival we had to buy a mooncake.   This was quite nicely done but having grown up on lotus ones it didn’t quite seem like a mooncake to me!

Lastly the durian cake – it was a light sponge wrapped around a small amount of whipped cream and mashed durian.  I was quite pleasantly surprised by this one – they didn’t mix the durian which can be quite expensive here in Australia with something to bulk it up like whipped cream but instead, had just mashed durian spread inside.  Lovely.

The Sunny Cafe offers great Taiwanese food and baked goods in Springvale – a place most of us probably go to for Pho more than anything else!  Note this place is rather small with about four tables inside and small ones at that.  We did feel the beef noodle soup was better at Taipei Delight but we really enjoyed the fried bun and their cakes (there was a steady stream of customers buying takeaway!).  There were also heaps of other items on the menu we didn’t get to try.  Definitely a place to try out – especially now that that area in Springvale has undergone renovations and looks rather pretty.

The Sunny Cafe

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