Suzuran Take Away Sushi in Camberwell

I’d be surprised if you haven’t heard of Suzuran in Camberwell.  Well known for their take away packs of sushi, I’ve always thought it’s a shame they don’t offer in house dining.  Luckily, Suzuran has quite a following amongst my friends so at the odd party they are the designated suppliers of sushi.  We were lucky enough to tuck into quite a lot of their offerings during our gathering the other day.

AAR was forward thinking enough to order some smaller plates so we could snack on them whilst waiting for the latecomers – these were No.9 anago onigiri  ($16) and No.10 anago maki ($14.50).

We also made our way through two rather large platters – No.39 the sushi mix platter ($59.50) and No.38 Maki Supreme Platter ($ 57.00).

All this food topped off with some green tea and black sesame ice cream.  All this food was a little too much for our group of nine. But we also had half a chicken (goes well with sushi…?)

So keep Suzuran in mind if you’re throwing a party – it’ll be a sure hit!


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