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On an uncharacteristically warm day in winter, what do you feel like eating?  Well…  for me and my mum, it was a bowl of beef noodles and xiao long bao – I guess we like to pretend it’s cold outside.  We’ve walked past Taipei Delight in Glen Waverley so many times – the other time I peeked through the window and was delighted to find it was bustling and knew I had to try it.  The former shop here used to be a Taiwanese restaurant as well but they used to sell breads too.


So we ordered the xiao long bao – these came out freshly steamed and had a nice homemade feel to them.  Being a bit nitpicky now, we felt the skin at the top of the bun was a bit thicker than usual and one could really notice the skin when chewing through it.  Otherwise lovely and very sweet juicy filling.


The other dish we ordered was hot and spicy beef and tendon noodle soup – this was lovely and reminded of the ones I had in Taiwan.  The beef pieces and tendon was soft and the flavour of the soup was perfectly balanced.  The topping of preserved sweet and sour vegetables was a nice touch (I guess as I’m used to Cantonese dishes, this is a bit different for me but probably the norm in Taiwan!)


Yeap, we’ve found another restaurant to frequent in Glen Waverley.


Taipei Delight

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Taipei Delight -37.878851, 145.164222


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