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I had tried Tang’s Family Restaurant a year or so ago and had actually wanted to try it again sooner but it being a small shop, on weekends bookings are essential and I never quite remembered to plan in advance.  Situated along Middleborough Rd, it certainly is different to what you might expect from a Malaysian restaurant – it serves hawker style food such as fried rice, noodles etc but also interesting mains.  Not only that, they pay attention to their plating and their service and decor is not bad for an Asian restaurant – my friend felt it was a place she’d be able to take her parents out to when they come down to Melbourne.

I think at most they had about six tables.  It’s located in the shopping strip that also has Simon’s peking duck.

For our entrees we chose pandan chicken and son-in-law eggs.  The pandan chicken is lovely with little morsels of chicken wrapped in pandan leaves.

The son in law eggs ($5) are poached eggs which are deep fried, cut in half and topped with a tasty mixture of shallots, sesame seeds and coriander leaves.  Beautiful.

For our mains we had salted egg prawns, the pork knuckle and duck fried rice.

It was a tough choice between wasabi prawns and the salted egg ones but the latter were fantastic – reminded me of Omah’s salted duck egg crab.  The only small issue I had was that when I had this dish in Malaysia, the prawn shells were actually edible when deep fried like this – at Tang’s they nearly pulled this off – nearly.

Next was the accurately described massive pork knuckle.  Tender and coming apart with a fork, it is cooked in a dark soy broth and flavoured with chinese mushrooms.  Would have gone well with plain rice but we wanted to try their fried duck rice (hey it went well with this too I guess).

Their duck fried rice was well presented and tasty – a very high ratio of veggies and shredded duck meat to rice!

We finished off our meal (we were pretty full by now as all this was consumed by three girls – and right before a futsal game for me) with Tang’s cold silky milk pudding.  I was admittedly slower running around later weighed down by this lovely meal but I’m glad we didn’t skip dessert.  I love milk pudding when it’s done right – and it certainly is done well at Tang’s.  Wobbly and refreshing, topped with caramelised pistachios.

The decor might not be impressive but the service and attention to detail is at Tang’s Family Restaurant.  Portions are generous and for all this, it worked out to be ~ $24 per person.  Next time I come I’d want to try their duck burger and cereal prawns!

Tang's family restaurant

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