Tao’s Restaurant fusion Taiwanese food in Bulleen

I normally don’t like fusion dining.  I have however, been to Tao’s Restaurant in Bulleen twice.  My friends like it, it’s in the entertainment book and it offers a wide variety of dishes on their set menus.

It is fusion Taiwanese food that’s served here.  And it might be a bit different to what you might expect. 

The venue itself is roomy with rather high ceilings – I’m particularly glad of this fact because my friend opened a champagne bottle without adequately securing the cork.  It hit the ceiling and luckily didn’t hit any other patrons on its descent.

Food wise, Tao’s boasts a set menu of 6-7 courses which costs $68 on weekends and $48 on weekdays. 

Our starter was an oyster.  We were also served small courses in between the main ones in the form of a strange sour beverage and a which tasted like filling for an open pie without the pastry! All very filling so expect to be full from this meal.

Entrees wise, I tried their salmon tartare with seaweed sauce which was light and refreshing.  I also tried a bit of my friend’s chawan mushi which was soft and jiggly as steamed egg should be.

There’s also a sashimi appetiser option which was rather playfully plated.

Soup wise, don’t be surprised by Russian Borsch at this restaurant.  Actually soups like this are also frequently served at Hong Kong cafes.  Ginseng chicken is always welcome on such menus too

Mains wise our visit here was rather close to a visit to Jim’s Greek Tavern so we steered clear of any lamb.  I had the confit duck leg which wasn’t too dry for a change (confit often is) which was served with potatos.  With the serving sizes and the multiple courses, I was rather full by the end of this but still, their rice (I think the version we were served was cooked in chicken broth) is so lovely I’d suggest you try some even if you’re full. 

My friend had the sizzling steak which comes stonegrill style – he’s had this before and keeps ordering it so must be good!

If sous vide food is up your alley they also have sous vide salmon pictured below.  I didn’t order it because I’m not a fan of white wine butter sauce – the fish is rich enough without it!

Desserts wise I opted for something more plain with green tea ice cream and red beans.  The chocolate cake looked more fancy as you can see.

So we all enjoyed Tao’s at our last visit.  It’s easy to get a booking and with their wide variety of styles and food offered, there’s something for everyone.  Some might find the $68 on weekends a bit steep for the kind of food offered however.


Tao's Restaurant

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