Top 50 things to do in Melbourne? Let’s narrow it down. 3

I love articles like this. They have such catchy headlines and I can’t help but read them.  I think this one covers a lot of the things I’d recommend doing around Melbourne but of course there’s a few things to add….

American Doughnut Kitchen

Okay, so this is on their list too – but I completely agree! I took my aunties and uncles to Vic Market and sure enough they enjoyed these tasty treats. Piping hot jam doughnuts.  

American Doughnut Kitchen on Urbanspoon


The Borek Shop

Whilst you’re at Vic Market head over to the foodcourt area and grab a borek.  You’ll find the shop by following the queues – they’re not waiting for kebabs… It’s the borek that’s the real star – they come in only a few flavours – spiced lamb, potato or spinach and cheese. Now I haven’t been lucky enough to go recently so I’m not sure whether the flavours have changed but it seems like they’re still going strong popularity wise! 
The Borek Shop on Urbanspoon


Burch and Purchese

If you’ve got a sweet tooth (don’t we all) – there’s two cake shops that I’d recommend.  Burch and Purchese Studios and Le Petit Gateau.  Markedly different styles – if you want a lighter more playful dessert, head to B&P. Their store can probably double as a theme park if it was slightly bigger – it’s quite good eye candy with beautiful displays. You can judge from their take on lamington eclair – just too cute!

Burch & Purchese Sweet Studio on Urbanspoon



Le Petit Gateau

Le Petit Gateau from what I’ve tried tends to be on the richer side but ohhh so good. They’re also in this year’s entertainment book for buy one get one free small cake.  It’s a shame they don’t have very work friendly opening hours as I mentioned before. If you’re lucky enough to be a tourist then it’s to your advantage!

Le Petit Gateau on Urbanspoon



La Cassolette

Now if you wanted something more substantial than doughnuts, boreks and cake, head to La Cassolette on Rebecca Walk near Crown Casino.  Charmingly French and impressive seafood.  Lunch menu available but you’d have to pass up on the choice between flambe scampi or flambe scallops! The only problem I find when recommending this restaurant  is remembering how to spell Cassolette.

La Cassolette on Urbanspoon



Saint Crispin

Follow the Good Food Guide recommendation for the New Restaurant of the Year and head to Saint Crispin like I did in Collingwood.  Fresh ingredients and wildly popular thus far.

Saint Crispin on Urbanspoon



Albert Street Food and Wine

I did have a somewhat hit and miss experience with Saint Crispin (which doesn’t seem to have been so for other patrons so maybe I was unlucky).  If you want a more consistently performing restaurant, I’d recommend Albert St Food and Wine.  Consistent throughout their dishes and with the added bonus of having fantastic desserts.  Never fails to impress. Again, in the Entertainment Book!

Albert Street Food and Wine on Urbanspoon

Now I’ve focused mainly on things to do in Melbourne CBD because it’s just too hard to head out to the suburbs when you’re travelling.  I could go on and on about places to go to but I did say I’d try narrow it down to what I’d want to do – anyone have any other places to add to the list?

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3 thoughts on “Top 50 things to do in Melbourne? Let’s narrow it down.

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    I think you will find the boreks are not in the food court area, but the deli area of the Vic Market. The food court is that horrible thing where the meat is… Otherwise great list!

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      Agnes Post author

      Oops yes you are right. I always feel count that as part of the food court too because there’s a row of pizza shops and cake stalls there too…