Two Corners Japanese fusion cafe on Station Street Box Hill


I’m sure I’ve driven past Two Corners at least three or four times a week for the past half a year given it is on the way to work for me. However I’ve only noticed it today when I wanted to pick up something for take away and didn’t want the hassle of finding parking in box hill shopping centre at midday. The row of shops near Sketches cafe seemed perfect to try.

There weren’t many people there but I guess it was only 11:30am. I seems like they offer quite a variety of sushi and many items I’d definitely like to try in the future. Cheese fried noodles caught my eye but seemed a bit heavy for today’s lunch.

I opted for the unagi kabayaki lunch bento ($11.90) – it came with sushi rice, a generous portion of unagi, a sweet mayo dressed salad with apple slithers and a sweet mashed potato. I’m glad this place is where it is – I think I’ll drop by more often.





Two Corners Japanese Fusion Cafe

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Two Corners Japanese Fusion Cafe -37.849618, 145.119921




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