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A short post! My friend wanted to try out Umaido which recently opened in Box Hill.  It’s in the food court close to the train station.

As some of you know, I recently went to Tokyo where I had some of the best udon I’ve ever had in my life. I love sanuki style udon – especially the prices.  My mum and I went to Hanamaru a few times to save up for a nicer meal later (who can resist less than 500 yen meals) and believe me, we weren’t disappointed.  Perfect eggs every time.

Umaido runs itself similar to Hanamaru – fastfood style with trays, you go to the counter where you choose your noodle base and then move to the right and there’s self-serve tempura and an assortment of fried items.  Don’t forget to ask for some tempura sauce.  

I had the cold bukkake ontama udon (soft egg) and chose tempura prawn, takoyaki and a potato croquette.  I have to say the udon was a little firm for my liking and wasn’t as slippery and smooth as the ones I had in Tokyo.  Also, a few strands of udon had stuck together making that part slightly undercooked.  The tempura wise, we had gone at around 1pm on a Saturday so I expected the items to be a little fresher but it seemed like the croquettes weren’t very popular as I suspect mine had been sitting there for a while.

So whilst I miss sanuki udon very much, for $12.60 I think I’d rather have other things in Box Hill. Maybe if I get a craving then I’ll try them again – hopefully the hot udon will be more cooked!


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    Hi, we also went to japan, and found the tempura items similar crispness to that of Umaido. maybe you did get there at the wrong time. But in Japan, the tempura is generally served in the soup, going soft/soggy straight away. Just a thought..