Vorea Grill in Bundoora Polaris

Our meal at Vorea Grill in Bundoora’s new shopping complex, Polaris 3083, took much longer than we had expected.  Part of it was our fault – organising dinner after work is always fraught with danger with a few stragglers but I’m pretty sure some of the delay was from the kitchen’s end.

This restaurant was so new it actually doesn’t come up on Google Maps as a shopping complex yet and when I googled the street, there were no matches.  The map pointer for Woolworths at Polaris is more accurate and whilst driving down Plenty Rd look out for the Dan Murphy’s in the Polaris complex.  It’s not every day I drive 40km to get to dinner – for this reason even though I enjoyed my meal I don’t think Vorea Grill will be a regular haunt.

As I said, it’s located in the new complex and as such has a modern decor with a view of the kitchen and a display of treats.

To start we got some bread with dips to share – they were nice enough (note I didn’t quite get to take a photo before we dug in).

Mains wise another friend had their steak but wistfully reminisced about that served at Steer Bar and Grill whilst I had the lamb salad.  It had a combination of eggplant, cous cous and pomegranate – a lovely combination I’d be happy to try to recreate at home.  The flavours worked well and the lamb was moist.  One nit picky thing was that the salad seemed to have bits of rocket sticking out here and there in amongst the cous cous – this set up traps while eating because grains would be flicked here and there.  This might just be a problem for me with my fork skills however.

My friends tried their duck risotto and mushroom risotto.  I must say the two look nearly indistinguishable based on photos alone – I’m glad I chose the salad on my friend’s recommendation – with the Melbourne weather my appetite just hasn’t been that good and it was a nice light yet filling meal.

Would I be back if I was in the area?  Yes – but only if I had time.  Expect a wait.  The place was busy for a Friday night but not full and as I said, our mains took a while.

Vorea Grill

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