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Ever been to a RSL for dinner?  Warramunga Restaurant in Glen Waverley isn’t half bad and even has a buy one get one free main offer with the entertainment book. If you’ve ever wondered about their name, it is named after HMAS Warramunga, a Tribal Class Destroyer which served in the South West Pacific in World War II.  The ship itself was named after an Aboriginal tribe in the Northern Territory.

We’ve been multiple times – their serving sizes are much bigger than expected (almost unreasonably big – how is it sized for one?) so be aware of this whilst ordering.

They take bookings and seating wise it’s quite spaced out and with little pressures to leave, it’s a great restaurant to sit down and chat for a while.

Food wise they have the usual RSL fare – fish and chips, steak, chicken parmigiana etc.

Pumpkin soup is a staple at these kinds of restaurants – it goes well with the complimentary dinner rolls.

My brother especially praised their parmigiana and I agree – succulent chicken with a layer of tomato, ham and melted cheese.  A rather tiny side of salad in comparison but it only looks like this in the photo because the parmigiana occupies most of the plate.

Their risotto was a heavy affair – mainly because of the portion given. I think it was lamb risotto with tomato.

Steak wise, order a little rarer than what you mean – if you really want medium, probably try order medium rare.  Served with potato mash and steamed vegetables.

The lamb cutlets really demonstrate what I mean by large portions – which other restaurant would give four pieces?

Fish and chips – keep in mind this dish is exactly what you’d expect and not fancy in the least (especially the fish – if you’re looking for fish nearby, try hook line and sinker),

So if you’re looking for a place to sit down, chat and where everyone is guaranteed to have something they want from an extensive menu with pub classics, Warramunga isn’t half bad.  Whilst the food isn’t anything to write home about, it’s quite consistent and go with an appetite – you’ll need it to cope with their serving sizes.

Waverley RSL Warramunga Restaurant

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One thought on “Waverley RSL Warramunga Restaurant & Cafe in Glen Waverley

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    I attended the Warramunga restaurant too. On a Sunday evening I ordered the ‘Roast of the Day’. Roast pumpkin which could not be cut (it was uncooked), packeted, frozen cauliflower, and a variety of other tinned vegetables. Apple sause was clearly Heinz baby food and gravy mixed from a packet. The roast pork was dry and unappetising.

    The waitress, when called, felt the cauliflower with the back of her hand and said ‘It’s frozen’ and didn’t seem at all surprised or concerned. I went to the checkout, where the cashier helpfully said ‘I’ll tell the kitchen, that’s $39′.

    On my return home I wrote a letter to the manager who later looked me up in the phone book and rang me on a Saturday afternoon to complain about the fact that I had complained to her about my inedible ‘meal’, saying that she couldn’t believe that such a thing could happen there as it was a find dining establishment. She promised me a refund, however, which I never received.

    I will never return to the Warramunga Restaurant – to employ people that it does is just as disgraceful as the food it serves and asks to be paid for.